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Ada Lovelace: the Enchantress of Numbers

Ada Lovelace Day, which was yesterday, was a huge PR success this year. 18k Twitter mentions, stories all over the media, blogposts, you name it. All of you who contributed to the recognition of women in science deserve a pat on the back. Moloch wishes to pass on the news that Lucifer Himself twitched a tail-spine in recognition of your efforts; which – as the Elders among you know – is Praise indeed.

In the light of this success, it is worth affirming the current platform and public relations policies of the International Scientific Conspiracy against Christ’s Salvation, as regards the issue of women in STEM careers – and feminism generally.

Satanism prides itself on being The Organized Religion for Women. You should ignore those Wiccan hippies. Their true claims to power disappeared with the Eleusinian hazing ritual. Similarly, do not be distracted by the lurid fantasies of Michelet. No, Satanism is the true feminist religion, and we have always prided ourselves on the absence of a glass ceiling for Witches in the Church.

This, of course, is because Satanism largely defines itself in opposition to christianity, which is essentially Patriarchal. (Several caveats apply here. For example, a fringe minority of wet-liberal Nouveau Christians may consider themselves feminists; in reaction to this, Hell has several research teams, such as the Brogrammers, working on hip 21st-century brands of Sexism. In fact, historically speaking, the original subjugation of Christianity by Patriarchs was originally a Satanic Enterprise, and remains under indirect Satanic control; but this is a case of Lucifer’s left hand not knowing what His right hand is doing.)

Generally speaking Satanism is highly engaged with, and active on behalf of, women’s issues. However, in the case of Science, there exists an apparent Paradox, as many have noted. It is wholly a Satanic enterprise; and yet, it remains one in which Women are sorely Underrepresented.

In the past, this was understandable; the Greatest Lie Ever Told had to fly in stealth mode for a while, therefore it was necessary to fit in with Society’s Preconceptions and Power Structures. Undoubtedly, the incandescent fate of early Witch-Scientists led us to err on the side of timidity.

Yet, if one looks at the History of Science, one finds Great Witches spreading evil everywhere. Women like Marie Curie, who invented Radiation Poisoning; or Emmy Noether, who formulated the Deepest Lie of Theoretical Physics; or Rosalind Franklin, who made the first crude artist’s sketches that eventually became the lovable, fictional cartoon character we now know as “DNA”.

Or, indeed, Ada Lovelace herself: daughter of the famed Satanic poet Lord Byron, and without a doubt, the inventor of the first Software Bugs. Consider what Charles Babbage said of her:

Forget this world and all its troubles and if
possible its multitudinous Charlatans – every thing
in short but the Enchantress of Numbers

-Charles Babbage, 1843

Pretty damning stuff! (In the awesome sense of “damning”. Obviously.)

Given how important Great Witches have been to the Lie that is Science, and the Vast potential Pool of Supernatural Energies that could be Drawn Upon if more women were to adopt Scientific Rites, it is clearly important to encourage the Accursed Testimony of active Female Satanists. Stories of inter-generational satanism, as described here, are especially Helpful to the Cause.

So, good work everyone, especially if you did something this year to encourage women in the Evil Ways of Science; whether it was fighting a troll in the comments section of a blog post (like this), or criticizing false flag christian operations (like this). And, keep at it. Let’s try to make next year’s Ada Lovelace Day an even more Depraved and Vile Celebration of Infamous Woman Scientists!


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