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Carl Sagan’s Meat Planet

Carl Sagan describes a scientific Utopia:

As well as grease mists and sweat clouds, evaporated blood plays a large part in the weather system of The Meat Planet. Extracted by the sun’s rays from the deep oceans of liquid meat, the blood clouds are pushed by flatulent winds over the continents where they rain back down on bulbous hills and corpulent meat mountains, helping to moisturise and irrigate the land, keeping the ground plump and fresh.

Obviously this vision is a Pure Lie: extraterrestrial planets are an impossibility in God’s Ptolemaic Universe. However, it remains an inspirational & blissful metaphor of the kind of Afterlife that’s achievable with an unyielding Devotion to Lucifer.

Communicated to us by the Most Evil Laughing Squid, via Fisting Champ.


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