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Fawkes, Zozobra, Judas, Tex

With the invigorating news that a giant cowboy has been set alight in Texas, here is a weekend compilation of Burning Effigy Porn. This has nothing much to do with Science, but everything to do with Hell.

First Big Tex himself:

Next Zozobra, in New Mexico, whose burning is supposed to purge evil from the community (charmingly, this is held on the anniversary of the suppression of the Pueblo Revolt, which liberated the locals from Christian Theocracy):

The burning of Guy Fawkes on November 5th, a celebration of his torture and execution by Christian Autocrats:

The Wicker Man. One of the few unqualified feel-good family holidays on this list:

The rather less-cheerful Burning of Judas Iscariot:

And, of course, that thing in the Nevada desert you all know about:

Oh, for the days when we used to persuade the Christers to burn each other recreationally! The sacrifice of the occasional Great Witch was almost worth it. There’s no denying human nature: people like to burn other people!

But, in all sobriety, Scientific Progress is a much safer and surer way to create Hell on Earth. Far more serious than these playful rituals. Consider what we have been able to achieve, with a little government funding:

Of course, the Atom Bomb had nothing to do with nuclear physics, and everything to do with Weaponizing the Scales of Satan’s Tail. The point being, Science – despite being founded on Lies – has made great improvements in the system and practice of Live Burning as a mechanism of Humiliating Execution.

Keep up the Evil Work!


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