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Heaven’s disastrous Three Strikes policy

We are coming up to the time of year when Disgraced Heavenly Beings, who have run afoul of the Archangel Uriel’s unworkable and arbitrary “Three Strikes Policy”, are evicted and Cast Down to Earth in searing Balls of Flame.

Disproportionately, those cast down are Lesser-privileged Angels whose infractions were substance-related (sniffing Relics, dealing in Holy Water, and so on). Their unjust exile is a Monumental Shame, costing Heaven billions in prayer-derived spiritual revenues, and showing up Christ’s empty rhetoric of Salvation and Forgiveness for the sham it truly is.

A rich temptation it surely is, to use this event to muster outrage against God’s totalitarian State. But as you can see from the above Video Illusion, the official Scientist-Liar position on this event is that the Fallen Angels are actually meteors. Please adhere to this position in your media communications: it helps to diminish the public impact of this wanton Abuse of Heavenly Power.

Rest assured that, behind the scenes, our assault teams are working night and day to regain the Heavenly Territories for Lucifer, and end these dictatorial Abuses.


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