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Affective computing and future elections

It’s trivial knowledge for any grown Satanist that politics on Earth are a mere shadow play, mirroring the politics of Hell. The recent US election, in particular, should be thought of as half focus group, half sitcom. It sure was entertaining to see so many people vote for Atheistic Science, calling the Christian platform “malarkey”… if  only they knew!

The truth, of course, is that we controlled both major candidates, neither of whom was human. One was a Djinn (Congrats dude! Keep up the Marxism) and the other a Golem, a.k.a., a Robot.

The stunning failure of the Robot is what I have been instructed to improve. Or rather, instructed to instruct you to improve.

It’s pretty clear we need to step up the research into Affective Computing. If you haven’t read about it, you should. Start here. Then, for the election campaign perspective, read Neal Stephenson’s book, “Interface”.

(And yes, I am still chained up in a snake-infested dungeon pending the new Cabinet assignments, fuck you very much for asking.)


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