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New Year, new look: evil science in 2013

There is more than one Hell….
Sonny Barger, explaining the apostrophe placement in “Hells’ Angels”

With the recent inauguration of our lord Moloch to his historic Four Hundred And Eighteenth term, the sulfurous air has a fresh hint of Spring here in Hell, and our site has been redesigned.

Mostly this consists of a slightly less aggressively anti-Christian logo. We do, after all, aim to counsel evil scientists heretical to all faiths and moral philosophies, and to foster a healthy inter-antifaith dialogue.

It is time to put the anti-Christian struggles of 2012 behind us (we did win, after all). Now we can return to the broader struggle against all forces of good, morality and decency.

Here is our old banner logo:

And here is the new logo:

The thing in the middle is PDB structure 1kac, showing adenovirus bound to its cellular receptor. The metaphor of a virus infecting a host is a perfect illustration of what we are trying to do for the cause of Evil Science PR.

For reasons of tradition, we will continue to adhere to the Satanic calendar (referring e.g. to the “2013th year of the War against Christ”, rather than the “2013th year of the Current Reign of Evil” or other common faith-neutral signifiers). Rest assured that we are sensitive to the malicious, but delicate, sensibilities of corrupt and vicious scientists across the anti-faith spectrum, as well as those who consider themselves “pure” atheist anti-humanists.

One other thing. In our newly inclusive spirit, it may occasionally suit our purposes to speak as if certain specifically anti-Christian lies (embryology, cosmology, evolution, ecology, etc.) are not lies at all, but established facts. Please consult your anti-pope or chief heretic of choice to determine which, if any, scientific “facts” are considered to be “lies” in your particular religious paradigm. Thank you.


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