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On a day of darkness, sweet news from the Nightosphere

So Marceline from Adventure Time, and her dad (a true patron of Science), have released an album.

I ask you to rob a collection plate and buy it, now. Among many other Musical Accomplishments and Humorous Lies, this guy Martin Olson (Marcie’s eeevil dad in the Land of Ooo) wrote most of the music for Phineas and Ferb.

That show, essentially an anti-Hymn about two brothers who never go to church all summer because they are seduced by the wickedness of Invention, has corrupted the souls of innocent children all over this miserable piece of rock, dumping them in the lap of Shaitan the Great Engineer (ALL HAIL)

Olson also wrote the magnificent Encylopedia of Hell. Respect. And also FEAR.

Keep spreadin’ those lies! And buy this shit.


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