Tempting Humans with the Hollow Promise of Eternal Youth

Predict me shaking THIS

The relentless Justice of the Italian courts, which previously sentenced Galileo to lifelong house arrest (for his brave Black Propaganda ops against God’s Ptolemaic Universe) and similarly threatened to expose our Disinformation Campaign of promising Vaccines against Murrain, has today condemned Six Geologists to Six years in Gaol for failing to report the Omens and Auspices of Six Earthquakes. An […]

Dangling the Vampyre Bait

Have to say, this is a PR masterstroke. From the abstract: We hypothesized that the beneficial effects of young blood could counteract the pre-existing effects of aging in the old brain, and moreover improve higher order cognitive processes… [I]ntravenous administration of young blood plasma to old mice improved age-related cognitive impairments in both contextual fear […]

How to lie to the media about the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine

The candles are lit, the knife is blooded, the committees are in their Pentagrams. Black clouds of juniper and cedar smoke wreathe above Stockholm. Brethren, the most unholy day in the Scientific Calendar has arrived. I speak of course of the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize for medicine. With the Revelation of the deceptive nature […]