Conjuring Golems and other Sentient Machines

Affective computing and future elections

It’s trivial knowledge for any grown Satanist that politics on Earth are a mere shadow play, mirroring the politics of Hell. The recent US election, in particular, should be thought of as half focus group, half sitcom. It sure was entertaining to see so many people vote for Atheistic Science, calling the Christian platform “malarkey”… if […]

Why we must be careful about letting Mitt Romney kiss babies

This video (featured by Max Headroom in the first episode, back in 1984) reminds us of the early promise of robots, and also that you should never let your audience backstage.

Would the Real Max Headroom PPPlease Stand Up

Version 1.0: Version 2.0: Are we sure it’s an improvement?


More from the Presidential Debate.

The Max Headroom “Manchurian Candidate” fork is working well

The programmers of Steamhammer Sam, a synthetic “Unemployed Voter” A.I. created during the 1984 election campaign, interviewed by an earlier version of Mitt Romney: Lots more footage of Max online.

The Sound of Cylons

HELL YEAH! Best retelling of the Benedict Arnold/Judas Iscariot story ever? Thanks for the eviltude, Krishna Roskin.

Ada Lovelace: the Enchantress of Numbers

Ada Lovelace Day, which was yesterday, was a huge PR success this year. 18k Twitter mentions, stories all over the media, blogposts, you name it. All of you who contributed to the recognition of women in science deserve a pat on the back. Moloch wishes to pass on the news that Lucifer Himself twitched a […]