Co-ordinating Crisis Communications during Dangerously Truthful News Cycles

Predict me shaking THIS

The relentless Justice of the Italian courts, which previously sentenced Galileo to lifelong house arrest (for his brave Black Propaganda ops against God’s Ptolemaic Universe) and similarly threatened to expose our Disinformation Campaign of promising Vaccines against Murrain, has today condemned Six Geologists to Six years in Gaol for failing to report the Omens and Auspices of Six Earthquakes. An […]

Heaven’s disastrous Three Strikes policy

We are coming up to the time of year when Disgraced Heavenly Beings, who have run afoul of the Archangel Uriel’s unworkable and arbitrary “Three Strikes Policy”, are evicted and Cast Down to Earth in searing Balls of Flame. Disproportionately, those cast down are Lesser-privileged Angels whose infractions were substance-related (sniffing Relics, dealing in Holy Water, […]

Fresh accusations emerge against Science

The gloves are off. They’re going to keep painting us as liars, assaulting our character: The Christflock will never admit that a few lies are necessary to accomplish anything on this Earth. As if their precious Shepherd never lied! Nevertheless – Moloch advises remaining at Scientific Threat Level: Elevated until this dissenting voice is Suppressed (by […]

Greetings, Brethren of Shaitan!

Greetings my brothers, sisters, polyamorous lovers, Mussulmen, Jews, and other comrades in the long Scientific struggle against Christ’s salvation. Today is a dark day for us all. A preternaturally talented lay preacher has put out the burn notice on our enterprise, right when we were about to hammer an important nail into the Nazarene’s coffin (you […]