Idolizing Famous Liars

On a day of darkness, sweet news from the Nightosphere

So Marceline from Adventure Time, and her dad (a true patron of Science), have released an album. I ask you to rob a collection plate and buy it, now. Among many other Musical Accomplishments and Humorous Lies, this guy Martin Olson (Marcie’s eeevil dad in the Land of Ooo) wrote most of the music for Phineas and […]

Ada Lovelace: the Enchantress of Numbers

Ada Lovelace Day, which was yesterday, was a huge PR success this year. 18k Twitter mentions, stories all over the media, blogposts, you name it. All of you who contributed to the recognition of women in science deserve a pat on the back. Moloch wishes to pass on the news that Lucifer Himself twitched a […]

Carl Sagan: a true genius of Satanic Popularization

Your morning dose of evil music to pep up your day: What makes this song so great is the artfully-hidden Satanic dogwhistle. For Hell’s Congregation, the “Glorious Dawn” of the title represents a spine-tingling Allegory of the Fourth Bowl. Compare: A still more glorious dawn awaits Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise A morning […]

Delia Derbyshire: Sinful Queen of Magnets

She really did invent Techno, you know. Derrick May got there two decades later. Here’s the piece she’s best known for (covering a tune by Ron Grainer)… All on magnetic tape. It would be amazing… if it wasn’t a Monumental Lie.

Rave reviews for Baumgartner’s epic “Fall of Satan”

The Twittersphere is abuzz with well-deserved Congratulations to Felix Baumgartner for his Superb piece of Situationist Theater this afternoon: Brother Baumgartner, you have drawn attention to the neglected plight of Fallen Angels. Hell is grateful for your activism on behalf of their Wrongful Imprisonment. FREE LUCIFER!

The Seven-Transmembrane Receptor and the Seal of Babalon; or, How to Describe the 2012 Chemistry Nobel

Our Communications Office has been buzzing with calls from panicked scientists asking how to field inquiries from the Inquisitorial Media about all this Nobel business. Today’s announcement of the Chemistry Prize should take the heat off, a bit, since Literature, Economics and Peace are sufficiently corrupted that the Satanism pretty much takes care of itself. […]

How to lie your evil ass off about quantum mechanics

The 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics is announced, and it is a triumph on multiple levels, not least by pairing a holy American with a damned Frenchman. Since the prize involves quantum mechanics (one of our more Elaborate and Convoluted falsehoods), Acting Head of Communications Moloch the Abominable – working closely with Deepak Chopra – […]