Perpetuating the Myth that the Devil has All the Best Tunes

On a day of darkness, sweet news from the Nightosphere

So Marceline from Adventure Time, and her dad (a true patron of Science), have released an album. I ask you to rob a collection plate and buy it, now. Among many other Musical Accomplishments and Humorous Lies, this guy Martin Olson (Marcie’s eeevil dad in the Land of Ooo) wrote most of the music for Phineas and […]

Come to Daddy

At least they’ve changed the muzak in my dungeon. PIs: this is how to talk to your grad students. (“Come to Mommy” also works.)


This is what they are playing 24/7, in my dungeon.

Jungle dahn the boozah

A quiet evening out with the research group. Drinkies.

Why we must be careful about letting Mitt Romney kiss babies

This video (featured by Max Headroom in the first episode, back in 1984) reminds us of the early promise of robots, and also that you should never let your audience backstage.

Would the Real Max Headroom PPPlease Stand Up

Version 1.0: Version 2.0: Are we sure it’s an improvement?


More from the Presidential Debate.