Spreading Ennui and Cynicism About the Great Mystery of Magnets

Delia Derbyshire: Sinful Queen of Magnets

She really did invent Techno, you know. Derrick May got there two decades later. Here’s the piece she’s best known for (covering a tune by Ron Grainer)… All on magnetic tape. It would be amazing… if it wasn’t a Monumental Lie. Advertisements

How to lie your evil ass off about quantum mechanics

The 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics is announced, and it is a triumph on multiple levels, not least by pairing a holy American with a damned Frenchman. Since the prize involves quantum mechanics (one of our more Elaborate and Convoluted falsehoods), Acting Head of Communications Moloch the Abominable – working closely with Deepak Chopra – […]

Proposed mixture model of damnation-polls and salvation-polls

Fellow brethren, I have recently noticed a discrepancy in the otherwise immaculately-executed plan to deceive and confuse the public with statistics (ALL HAIL STATISTICS). Here it is. The fine demon doctor Sam Wang has, usually, been very pernicious on our behalf. His election analysis is the finest guile on the planet, equal to the baseball-founded […]

Magnetic Bacteria – HOW DO THEY WORK?

The answer, of course, is that they don’t: like everything else in science, they are a lie. People, it is time to reign in our imaginations a bit. We already knew that Maxwell’s laws of electromagnetism were a Santa Claus scientific hoax we couldn’t sustain. But bacteria that contain magnetic crystal organelles? How did we ever […]